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Padraig Parkinson

23 Jun 10:30

A Rather Large Eskimo

I put in a lot of time at this year’s Paddy Power Poker Irish Open, having the craic over breakfast with old guys like Sexton, Harrington, Hansen and O’Dea. It’s not like they are particularly good fun, but ... Read More

Sole Survivor

21 Jun 15:56

World Series of Poker 2015

The WSOP is in full swing. I spent the first two weeks at the festival, having more important commitments at home that kept me from staying longer. As I write this I’m still hungover from one of said ... Read More

Card Player Free Poker Blog

16 Jun 11:30

Go Cruising With Card Player Poker

Looking for exciting poker action, but not ready to put up a deposit? Check out Card Player Poker. It offers FREE, legal poker play and welcomes U.S. players. This summer, Card Player Poker is sending poker players cruising ... Read More

The Poker Academy

11 Jun 11:50

Thoughts on this year’s structure changes at the WSOP

Every year there are many structure changes to the WSOP. Every year all the players come out anyway and play. The WSOP staff listens to all the feedback they get from the players and does their best to ... Read More

The Poker Academy

05 Jun 18:38

The First Week of the 2015 WSOP

Here I am, back at the house on a Friday afternoon for what is the first real little break of the WSOP so far. It has been an interesting week. Rick and I drove down from Seattle last ... Read More

Barry Shulman

01 Jun 11:04

Colossus Payout Uproar Is Mainly Unwarranted

Everybody, including myself, was surprised to hear that the Colossus first place payout was “only” $638,880. As soon as I ran some numbers, however, I saw that it was a reasonable amount. It is axiomatic not just in ... Read More

Shannon Shorr

01 Jun 06:53

WSOP 2015 + Where I Am

Hello all! I just checked my blog and noticed I haven’t written in 2015. Oops, time really flies. This entry comes from a house I’m renting with my boys Mike Katz, Jesse Yaginuma, and Adam Geyer in Las ... Read More

Linda Johnson

28 May 08:52

Friends Make the World a Better Place

Friends Make the World a Better Place About 16 years ago while I was owner and publisher of Card Player Magazine, I had the good fortune to field a phone call from a woman representing a group of ... Read More

Sole Survivor

26 May 06:24

The Poker Community and Improving Your Game

Downswings suck. They are totally unavoidable live, since we can’t put in the mad volume like an online pro can to equal out the variance. I’m in one right now and it’s so easy to blame variance. You ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

21 May 13:30

Devilfish Unplugged

A few years ago, when Fintan Gavin’s Irish Poker Championship was moved to Galway, I was given the job of persuading big names chosen by the sponsor to come to the party capital of Ireland to play poker ... Read More

The Poker Academy

19 May 18:37

How do you define success?

I recently made a claim on Twitter that I thought I was probably one of the top five poker instructors in the world. Ridiculous claim, right? The Twitterverse sure seemed to think so, and maybe all of you ... Read More
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