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CPPT II - Choctaw Casino Resort

$500K Guarantee Main Event


Dinner Break

Players are now on a one-hour break.

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Daniel Negreanu

05 Jul 01:00

My Two Cents on Daniel Colman "Controversy"

Daniel Negreanu is the 2004 CardPlayer Magazine and World Poker Tour Player of the Year. He presents his poker strategies in one-on-one virtual training at and writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column. Read all of Daniel Negreanu's ... Read More

Casey Jarzabek

01 Jul 18:10

Checking For Value

The game of poker is ever evolving. Pretty much all of us know this and have seen it change if we have been playing for a any length of time. We all wish we could time warp back ... Read More

Linda Johnson

29 Jun 14:12

A Funny Thing Happened at the Joe Barton Annual Poker Tourney

I am fortunate to know Congressman Joe Barton, who has been representing Texas’ sixth district since 1985. Barton, who is serving his sixteenth term in the United States House of Representatives, is a good friend to poker players. ... Read More

Linda Johnson

27 Jun 08:47

“Downtown” Chad Brown

I was glancing at Twitter while playing poker and I came across a Tweet from Doyle Brunson that read, “Everybody should give an encouraging tweet to @downtownchad Chad Brown who is in hospice. The nicest guy to ever ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

24 Jun 10:53

A Stone Cold Killer

Players often fondly remind me of the great nights we had at the bar in Binions back in the day. I’ve given up on telling them that I never had a drink at that bar during the WSOP. ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

24 Jun 10:51

The Luck of the Irish

The Irish never come up short when it comes to bearing a grudge and that’s fine by me. We have been the innocent victims, suffering betrayal and injustice at the hands of powerful neighbours so its no wonder ... Read More

Sole Survivor

23 Jun 10:58

Part 2: Top Pair Tens, Four-Way Pot Mid-Position

It is 100/200/25 and this time UTG opens for 600. A player in mid position calls, we call on the button with 10h9h and the big blind completes. The flop comes 10s6h5h. The BB checks and the initial ... Read More

Linda Johnson

17 Jun 21:26

Poker is Fun!

I read a tweet that said the theme of the 2014 WSOP is “bring back the fun.” I tweeted back my immediate reaction which was “I don’t understand those who say we need to “bring the fun back ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

17 Jun 00:00

A Stud Hand Gone Wrong

I'm 39 years old and for about 15 years I've been grinding WSOP events regularly. The days are longer now than they used to be, and there are three times as many events as when I started! I ... Read More

Allyn Shulman

16 Jun 13:56

WSOP: The Matusow Penalty

There has been so much inaccurate discussion regarding the penalty issued to Mike Matusow by Dave Lamb that I feel the need to add some facts. But first, I want to say a bit about my past. Having ... Read More

Linda Johnson

16 Jun 13:44

Anecdote at the WSOP

I have been putting in lots of hours at the Rio playing. The games have been awesome! Something happened at the table two days ago that I would like to share with you for your enjoyment. I was ... Read More
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