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Linda Johnson

21 Jul 06:59

The Golden State Ladies Poker Championship

I’m on my way home from the Golden State Ladies Poker Championship held at Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, California. I totally enjoyed my weekend and found it to be a great opportunity to meet many new players ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

21 Jul 00:00

Stud 8 Basic Strategy

If you have never played the game, this blog should give you a basic guideline and understand of how to play. I'm not going to delve into deep strategy here, the blog would get annoyingly long, but I ... Read More

Amanda Musumeci

20 Jul 01:26

Euro-Trip Part 2- Belgium to Spain

I thought I'd decided while in Namur to next visit France. But locals had advised me that Paris wasn't really any place for a girl all alone. Not only was the city mostly a hotspot due to its ... Read More

Shannon Shorr

14 Jul 22:53

WSOP, World Cup 2014, Mount Kilimanjaro

Hey guys. Thanks for checking out this entry. I trust that you're all out there doing what you love and living life to the fullest. This blog entry comes on the heels of a summer spent in Las ... Read More

Linda Johnson

12 Jul 06:19

Scoping Out the WSOP Main Event

I hadn’t been down to the Rio since the main event started, so I decided to go check it out tonight. I have been enthusiastically following the updates and tweets from the media and many players so knew ... Read More

Linda Johnson

09 Jul 08:45

The 2014 WSOP is over for me - now smelling the roses :-)

The 2014 WSOP is over for me, though there are still thousands in the running for the big score in the main event. I had a great time playing live games during the Series, which is why I ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

08 Jul 00:00

Main Event Day 1 Fun hand

About to go to bed so will get straight to it. Tight player, not in terms of number of hands played, but in terms of preflop raising frequency raised under the gun. Two called, including the button James ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

05 Jul 01:00

My Two Cents on Daniel Colman "Controversy"

Daniel Negreanu is the 2004 CardPlayer Magazine and World Poker Tour Player of the Year. He presents his poker strategies in one-on-one virtual training at and writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column. Read all of Daniel Negreanu's ... Read More

Casey Jarzabek

01 Jul 18:10

Checking For Value

The game of poker is ever evolving. Pretty much all of us know this and have seen it change if we have been playing for a any length of time. We all wish we could time warp back ... Read More

Linda Johnson

29 Jun 14:12

A Funny Thing Happened at the Joe Barton Annual Poker Tourney

I am fortunate to know Congressman Joe Barton, who has been representing Texas’ sixth district since 1985. Barton, who is serving his sixteenth term in the United States House of Representatives, is a good friend to poker players. ... Read More

Linda Johnson

27 Jun 08:47

“Downtown” Chad Brown

I was glancing at Twitter while playing poker and I came across a Tweet from Doyle Brunson that read, “Everybody should give an encouraging tweet to @downtownchad Chad Brown who is in hospice. The nicest guy to ever ... Read More
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