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Chris Moorman

18 Dec 11:51

Moorman’s Book of Poker Giveaway

Moorman’s Book of Poker Giveaway I’ve been toying around with the idea to do a big giveaway to go along with my book release recently and finally have figured out all the terms. I really wanted to have ... Read More

Card Player Free Poker Blog

09 Dec 10:44

Free Card Player Poker Launches New Tournament Series

Card Player Poker, which offers deposit free poker with real cash prizes, just announced a new 150,000 guaranteed token prize pool tournament series. Tokens on Card Player Poker allow players to directly buy-in to live tournament online qualifier ... Read More

Sole Survivor

09 Dec 09:28

World Poker Tour at Dusk Till Dawn

The fantastic Dusk Till Dawn poker club just held another fantastic festival this past November which may be its biggest success to date. The £500 WPT event and the £3,000 WPT main event both broke their £1,000,000 guarantees. ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

01 Dec 03:00

My Take on Poker and Gambling

When I started out my career as a professional poker player it required me to answer a few questions: Am I OK with making a living that requires me to take money from people who are less skilled? ... Read More

Chris Moorman

26 Nov 18:22

Busy Busy Busy

Yesterday I realized that my last blog was nearly three months ago! So I made a conscious effort today to sit down and write about everything I’ve been up to lately. The last 3 months have actually been ... Read More

Card Player Free Poker Blog

13 Nov 10:41

Card Player Poker Debuts iBink Tournament Series

Looking for exciting poker action, but not ready to put up a deposit? Check out Card Player Poker. It offers free, legal poker play, welcomes U.S. players, and just announced the iBink tournament series, where players can qualify ... Read More

Sole Survivor

12 Nov 12:00

EPT & UKIPT London

My latest trip saw me venturing to my countries capital to play the UKIPT/EPT London festival. It was at this festival last year that I came second to Robbie Bull in the UKIPT Main Event for £106,869. This ... Read More

Linda Johnson

08 Nov 14:01

The Pole Dancer, The Floorman, and the Poker Player

We all know that “the rules are the rules” and the “Floorman’s decision is final.” However, TDA (Poker Tournament Directors Association) rule #1 reads as follows: Floorpeople must consider the best interest of the game and fairness as ... Read More

Barry Shulman

04 Nov 08:40

New (to me) Hold’em Rule That Everybody Likes

I’m at Casino Royale in beautiful St. Maarten playing the WPT event. On break the dealers slip the player seat card under the dealer button, thereby ending the usual post-break discussion of where it belongs. Genius, yet so ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

03 Nov 17:35

The Power of Negative Thinking

At first we called him Des. But within a few weeks he’d become Doomsday. Des due to his rather pessimistic oulook on life in general and poker in particular. He was the kind of guy whose last thought ... Read More

Eugene Katchalov

23 Oct 05:58

Take part in “Katchalov Giveaway” for a chance to meet me and win a brand-new iPhone!

  Starting October 20, and all the way to December 14, you have a perfect chance to get your hands on Apple’s newest piece of gear as a part of my namesake promo PokerStars is holding exclusively for ... Read More
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