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A Photo Blog: Bear Basin Ranch, Summer 2012

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Aug 30, '12

This is the best way I know to take you through the adventures I’ve been on the last six weeks. Enjoy! Wendy, myself, and Carl at my favorite viewpoint on the ranch. This is on the center ridge line in the previous picture. Dusky Grouse This is on the West side of Medano pass. There […]

Bryan Devonshire is a professional poker player living in Henderson, NV. Since taking 2nd in his first WSOP event ever in 2006, he has steadily transitioned from his roots as a cash game player to becoming a name on the tournament circuit. Since June of 2006, he has cashed for over $700k in live tournaments and 250k in online tournaments. Bryan is also a recognized poker writer and coach, with his articles being featured in Card Player Magazine.

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