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Las Vegas - Gladys Knight and Celine Dion

by Barry Shulman |  Published: Jul 31, '11



Even though JetSetWay is a travel blog and I spend significant time in Las Vegas, I don’t write much about it because to me it is home. Plus I don’t do many touristy things.

Tonight, though, I went to see Gladys Knight at The Tropicana. I hadn’t been there in 30 years. It has been remodeled top to bottom and looks terrific with its South Beach flair. They named the showroom after her. Ms. Knight is 67 and I assure you that she still has it. It’s the type show you go to just to hear the star.


Last week Allyn had a “girls’ night out.” Unlike me who doesn’t go to many shows, she sees many. She went to the new Celine Dion show at Caesars. She said it was the very best show she has EVER seen. This show is the type where you go to hear the star, see the production and can't help but to get blown away. She has a 51-piece orchestra backing her up.

Recently I’ve played quite a bit of poker with Rene Angelil. He is Celine’s husband and producer. He is one class act.

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almost 5 years ago

Great post, Barry. You're a credit to your profession.


almost 5 years ago

WTF ? Guy doesn't write anything for over a month, then we get this ? In the previous blog Dusty Schmidt gives us a 700 word blow by blow account of a round of golf, brags about his amazing family life and for good measure he then plugs his coaching gig knowing full well that the majority of readers aren't even in a position to play online poker.In the very next blog we get a review of a Gladys knight concert and a Celine Dion concert, with pictures to boot.By the CEO of card player magazine no less.Fittingly,tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of MTV and it's safe to say they were once about the music but are no more. When did card player stop being about the cards?


almost 5 years ago

Could not agree more. I find it funny that Dusty does not allow comments on his blog. Gee I wonder why?!


almost 5 years ago

Probably doesn't allow comments because of everybody slamming him with negative baloney.


over 4 years ago

Darkness all around me, blockin' out the sun...

Barry's doing you a solid, gents.