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Daniel Negreanu

24 Apr 00:00

A Foolproof Plan to Becoming a Professional Poker Player

I think the most important aspect of dealing with kids like this is to have an honest, coaching conversation with them. One that illustrates the complexities involved in making a living gambling. You don’t want to come from, ... Read More

Splash The Pot: Op-Eds On The Poker Industry

21 Apr 09:33

Presidential Candidate, Poker Celebs Oppose Internet Gambling Ban

By: Michelle Minton What do two-time world poker champ Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson, presidential-hopeful Rand Paul, and Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Canterbury have in common? They’ve all come out against the so-called Restoration of America’s Wire ... Read More

Card Player Free Poker Blog

15 Apr 13:03

Win WSOP Colossus Seat With Card Player Poker

Right now, you can win your way into the $565 Colossus event at this summer’s World Series of Poker, which is guaranteeing a whopping $5 million prize pool, with Card Player Poker. Qualifiers are running now for the ... Read More

Splash The Pot: Op-Eds On The Poker Industry

15 Apr 10:41

Internet Gambling? No Problems

Splash The Pot is an ongoing series of op-eds from various members of the poker community. For more information or to submit your own writing, send an email to By: I. Nelson Rose The casino industry is ... Read More

Sole Survivor

14 Apr 09:35

'Future Of The Irish Open Is Unclear'

It always hurts to bust the Irish Open. More so than any other tournament save for the WSOP Main Event. Given my history at the Irish Open this may sound a tad ludicrous, but as soon as your ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

14 Apr 09:32

Devilfish Was One Of A Kind

It was some time in the early nineties. I was playing poker in Dublin’s Jackpot Club a couple of hours before the Irish Open was due to start. Some guy I’d never seen before came in the door ... Read More

Linda Johnson

12 Apr 04:21

Senior Poker Tour at Cherokee, West Siloam Springs, OK

Senior Poker Tour at Cherokee, West Siloam Springs, OK It’s midnight and I just returned to my room at the Cherokee Casino in West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma, after cashing in today’s ladies poker event. I’m here as a ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

10 Apr 00:00

Health, Family, and Happiness

Recently I got involved in a twitter conversation about health. When I go on road trips I like to plan ahead and make sure I do everything I can possibly do to ensure that I will find the ... Read More

Liv Boeree

08 Apr 09:05

Should Women-Only Tournaments Exist?

There’s been renewed discussion within the poker community on the topic of women-only tournaments and other female focussed marketing strategies, generating a lively 2+2 forum debate on whether they should exist. It’s quite clear from the healthy field ... Read More

Darryll Fish

07 Apr 11:02

Epic slowroll, or epic misunderstanding?

As most of you probably heard/saw, there was a hand that took place today at the final table of the Irish Open that has caused quite an ruckus in the poker community. In case you somehow haven’t seen ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

06 Apr 00:00

Are you an unlucky person?

I was watching the final round of the Shell Houston Open PGA tour event and saw Jordan Spieth on hole number 18 hit a really bad bunker shot that cost him a chance to continue in the playoff. ... Read More
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