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Daniel Negreanu

21 Jan 05:00

Mindfulness in Poker

I recently watched a 60 Minutes piece by Andersoon Cooper on the topic of mindfulness. In it, Andersoon Cooper does a three day mindfulness retreat which included various types of meditation and unplugging from our technology addiction. I ... Read More

Sole Survivor

14 Jan 13:49

What a Mistaka to Maka

As a poker player it can be very hard to be objective about our own play. When reciting plays from memory, intentionally or not our memory is not perfect and is often biased. However it is very important ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

12 Jan 00:00

NHL Hockey Blog

This blog will be all about hockey but from the perspective of an analytical poker player. 1. Solving the 3 point game debacle- Currently in the NHL when you win a game you get two points and the ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

07 Jan 13:52

Ireland's Greatest Ever Dead Poker Player

Of all the ghosts that haunt the Paddy Power Poker Irish Open, Jimmy Langan stands out as Ireland’s greatest ever dead poker player. Some say that’s a title they’d rather not contest but a titles a title so ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

07 Jan 00:00

PCA Super High Roller Day One

Just wanted to share quickly about my first day at the PCA in 2015. For those following the poker news, PokerStars has decided to rethink the rake increases and have gone back, for the most part, to the ... Read More

Card Player Free Poker Blog

05 Jan 10:23

Win Big With 2015 $25,000 Poker Summit

Looking for exciting poker action, but not ready to put up a deposit? Check out the Card Player Poker. It offers free, legal poker play, welcomes U.S. players, and just announced the massive $25,000 prize tournament series – ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

01 Jan 00:00

2015 Annual Poker Goals Blog

Before we move on to my 2015 goals, let's take a look at how we did with our 2014 goals: 1. Cash for $2 million- With all of the $100k buy ins and above, especially early on in ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

31 Dec 00:00

Poker Issues Part III: $500 buy in WSOP Bracelet Events

My stance on the $500 buy in colossal event at this WSOP isn't a popular one, but I wanted to shed some light on the reasons why it concerns me, and to do that I need to take ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

30 Dec 00:00

Poker Issues Part II: The $10 million WSOP Guarantee

So last year the WSOP decided to try something to inspire more entries in the WSOP main event. Glitz it up and make it look a little sexier. It was the 10th anniversary of the WSOP being held ... Read More

Daniel Negreanu

30 Dec 00:00

Poker Issues Part 1: Multi-Entry Tournaments

I recently attended a player forum for the WPT where they covered various aspects relating to tournament poker, from proposed payout schedules, multi-entry tourneys, and even the GPI as a viable system to reward their player of the ... Read More

Shannon Shorr

20 Dec 21:16

Prague, Magnetic Fest, Justine, Upcoming Plans

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in. This blog entry is being typed from an apartment I'm renting in Prague, Czech Republic. Each of the past four Decembers I've set up shop with friends for 2-3 weeks in this ... Read More
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