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Head Games: Top Mistakes and Tells Players Make in Tournaments Over and Over Again: Part II

With Brian Rast, Darryll Fish, Faraz Jaka, and Ryan D’Angelo

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 09, 2014


Craig Tapscott: What kind of practices do you focus on away from the table to stay in good physical shape that help to prepare you for the long, grueling hours of poker? Brian Rast: The most important thing has been good nutrition. I subscribe more or less to the Paleo Diet, which is all about eating natural food — food we’ve been eating for a long time as humans. This is vegetables, fruits, meats — with an emphasis on healthy meats (grass-fed beef, organic raised, no hormones, etcetera). You are not supposed to eat grains, wheat, processed foods, or sugar. I also take a small amount of vitamins. I believe the most important daily vitamin is Vitamin D, at 2,000-to-4,000mg per day, more on days where you don’t get sun, as our skin synthesizes it from the sun. It’s so important. I also take probiotics, L-Carnatine, and omega 3s.  The other ...

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