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CPPT II - Westside Poker Championship

$340 No-Limit Hold'em $100K Guarantee


Oh Leads Day 1B

Day 1b is done and we have our final 10 players. Young Oh is leading the pack with 604,000, which puts him atop both starting flights. The player known as DD had the chip lead ...

Head Games: Top Mistakes and Tells Players Make in Tournaments Over and Over Again: Part II

With Jeff Madsen, Matt Matros, and Steve Barshak

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 25, 2014


Craig Tapscott: The World Series main event is right around the corner. Share with our readers the biggest mistakes you see both amateurs and professionals make in tournament strategy over and over again? Jeff Madsen: There are definitely consistent mistakes that many players of all skill levels tend to do. Obviously amateurs will make these mistakes more often, but everyone falls victim to poor decisions from time to time. Some leaks I see that various players have are related to poor starting hand selection; particularly when they are not the aggressor. When facing a raise, certain starting hands don’t play very well postflop, and you are better off folding or taking the aggressive route and three-betting preflop in order to be less dependent on smashing the flop or your opponent being easily outplayed. Hands like Q-J, K-10, K-Q, or even A-J offsuit; particularly when you are facing an early position ...

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