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CPPT II - Westside Poker Championship

$340 No-Limit Hold'em $100K Guarantee


Main Event Begins Thursday

With six events in the books, the inaugural Card Player Poker Tour Hollywood Park Casino Westside Poker Championship main event is about to begin. The $340 no-limit hold’em $100,000 guarantee main event will begin Oct. ...

Head Games: Increase Your Profits By Understanding the Concepts of Showdown Value and Flexible Bet Sizing

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 02, 2014


The Pros: Eric Lynch, Corwin Cole, Brian Rast, and Dusty Schmidt Craig Tapscott: Do you think players have fallen too deeply in love with the concept of showdown value, and if so, how is this causing them to pass up profitable opportunities? Eric Lynch: I definitely feel players in general don’t think outside the box often enough when it comes to creating value. Often times, once a player knows that a certain line or play is a profitable one, he will always take that line, and not even explore the idea that other lines could be more profitable depending on the situation and opponent. One simple example I use with students to illustrate this is if you hold aces preflop 100 big blinds (BB) deep. I think even the most basic poker player understands that you would be better off making a standard raise than an open shove in this ...

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