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Be Careful What You Wish For

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Mar 19, 2014


I made a mistake the other day that made me upset with my play. In most live games when a player check-raises or even just raises you on a dry board, especially one where a draw completed on the street they raised, you can fold most hands that aren’t trips or better. I found myself in that situation and couldn’t find a fold with an overpair when I probably should have. Before we take a look at the details of the hand though, let’s talk about the player I was playing against. He’s definitely a recreational player. He likes to come in, have a good time, get some food, perhaps bet on the horses, and play a little poker. His style is decidedly “old school.” He limps often, three-bets with relative infrequency and a wacky, inconsistent range, stacks off pretty light, but will fold some pretty big hands (top pair-decent ...

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