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Alex Massman Eliminated Just Shy Of The Money

Alex Massman was all-in preflop with the A10 up against an opponent’s 66. The flop brought the 884 giving Massman the nut flush draw in addition to his two overcards. But the 6 on the ...

Head Games: Understanding Game Theory

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 22, 2014


The Pros: Vanessa Rousso, Matthew Janda, and Derric Haynie Craig Tapscott: Why learn how to play exploitative poker? Perhaps share an example or two. Vanessa Rousso: Let me give you an example of exploitative poker. It folds to your opponent on the button and you’re in the small blind. Every time it is folded to this player on the button he raises. So you know the range of hands he is raising with is much wider than the normal range of hands that you would raise with. It is clear that he is not adjusting for image or trying to gain credibility by folding every once in a while. He is deviating from what would be optimal strategy. Optimal strategy would take into account your own image and folding every once in a while and you wouldn’t raise every single time it folds to you. Let’s say we see the ...

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