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Chances Are: Part IX: Big Laydowns

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 11, 2013


This series of columns has emphasized the importance of knowing the odds in a variety of situations. A lot of my coverage has dealt with using mathematics to analyze your chances of winning, and making the correct play. As I mentioned in the last column, math is a very good servant, but a very poor master. When you use math correctly, it will frequently guide you to making the correct play. Do not, however, become a slave to math. Poker is very situational, and there are many situations in which you must throw the math out the window and focus on what is actually happening at the table. This leads to the topic of making big laydowns. When you fold a hand that will beat almost every hand your opponent can hold, you are making a big laydown. There are times when you should bet or raise with nothing as ...

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