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Playing The River

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Dec 11, 2013


One thing that I took with me in my recent major shift from limit hold‘em to no-limit hold‘em is a solid grasp of play on the river. The turn and river are where you really make your money in limit hold ‘em, and that is true in no-limit as well because the pots are bigger by the river. You can make bigger bets that leverage your bluffs better as well as making more money when they call your value bets. I see so many mistakes on the river in no-limit. It really makes me happy to see my opponents missing value and severely narrowing their river range. The first major mistake that I see people make on the river is giving up on a bluffing line. Here’s an example. I call a middle-position raise with A J on the button, and one of the blinds comes along. Stacks are 100 ...

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