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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


Diana Cox Is on the Live Stream

Our very own Diana Cox is doing commentary on the Irish Open live stream and is receiving some good feedback about it. Really good commentary with @dianakcox #IrishOpen …top class. MORE!— Boiled Greyhound (@BoiledGreyhound) April ...

Don’t Be Worried If You Don’t Understand Anyone, They Don’t Understand You Either

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Nov 27, 2013


Many moons ago, before hole card cams and Moneymaker winning the main event, I was talking poker with my buddy on the drive home from Cripple Creek, Colorado. I was the only one talking for the first fifteen minutes, telling him about several hands where I knew exactly what they had and how I confirmed my knowledge of their holdings after getting to showdown and losing. How could he see the flop after I eleventeen bet him pre?!? Then I bombed the flop and he calls me with an underpair! I check-raised the turn, blasted the river, he only beats a bluff, and he still called!!! You know the drill. I roll my eyes and seek to escape the “I play bad beat” story when I hear it nowadays, but back then I was just like them, simply blind to the fact that not everybody plays poker like I do. ...

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