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CPPT II - Big Poker Oktober

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em


Shan "Pacman" Jing Wins CPPT Bicycle Main Event

Shan “Pacman” Jing has won the CPPT Bicycle Casino main event and $135,981. Jing, who’s known as Pacman in the L.A. poker scene, is a regular in card rooms across California. Aside from a few ...

Capture The Flag: Barry Woods

by Brian Pempus |  Published: Jul 10, 2013


Barry Woods, hailing from California, is an aggressive high-stakes poker player. He’s not a professional, but plays huge stakes with some of the game’s best. Woods describes himself as a “businessman” who has money from off-the-felt ventures. He plays poker recreationally, but takes it seriously. He wants to win, but losing doesn’t really hurt. Woods is a regular at some of the big games in the Los Angeles area, and is a frequent competitor at the Live at the Bike cash game show that airs on Here, Woods took time during a break in action at the 2013 World Series of Poker to talk about his poker life and what he thinks of his own game. Brian Pempus: Let’s start off with how you got into poker and what brought you to the game. Barry Woods: I played stud originally 30 years ago, and I didn’t really like it; ...

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