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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


Dave Pollock Leads Unofficial Final Table

After three days of poker at the 2014 Paddy Power Irish Open, the unofficial final table is set and Dave Pollock is the chip leader heading into the final day of play (Note: A final ...

Capture The Flag: Barry Woods

by Brian Pempus |  Published: Jul 10, 2013


Barry Woods, hailing from California, is an aggressive high-stakes poker player. He’s not a professional, but plays huge stakes with some of the game’s best. Woods describes himself as a “businessman” who has money from off-the-felt ventures. He plays poker recreationally, but takes it seriously. He wants to win, but losing doesn’t really hurt. Woods is a regular at some of the big games in the Los Angeles area, and is a frequent competitor at the Live at the Bike cash game show that airs on Here, Woods took time during a break in action at the 2013 World Series of Poker to talk about his poker life and what he thinks of his own game. Brian Pempus: Let’s start off with how you got into poker and what brought you to the game. Barry Woods: I played stud originally 30 years ago, and I didn’t really like it; ...

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