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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


CPPT Paddy Power Irish Open Starts Friday

One of the most exciting spots of the Card Player Poker Tour – the Paddy Power Irish Open – will begin April 18 with a race to crown the latest champion. Complete live coverage of ...

Sunar Or Later

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Jan 01, 2013


The World Poker Tour in Paris used to be a huge deal. These days if you go for a walk you’re likely to trip over a WPT event, but up until a few years ago Paris was the only stop on the tour in Europe and attracted the world’s finest. The atmosphere was electric. Somehow or other, probably a combination of jetlag and the difficulty of trying to play poker whilst worrying about how much your wife or girlfriend (or both) is spending on shoes on the Champs Elysées, the Europeans’ got way the best of things. As far as I can remember, that’s the way it was in 2004. The night before the final, a bunch of us were drinking in the early hours with finalist Surinder Sunar, optimistically thinking he might pick up the tab. Drink does strange things to that part of the brain that controls levels ...

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