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Nick Weinberg has taken over the chiplead with 1.45 million. Colson is down to about 800,000.

Cultivating Your Edges At No-Limit Hold’em — Part II

by Matt Glantz |  Published: Nov 28, 2012


As we discussed in part I, all serious no-limit hold’em players who play 15 plus hours per week should spend a good percentage of their time studying the game to continually raise their level of skill. A great place to start is the inspection of how well you utilize your edges at the poker table. Below are some well-known and documented edges that successful poker players cultivate: • Skill advantage (Knowing you can outplay the villain overall) A. Math and highest EV bet lines B. Hand reading • Image (Having a killer winning/lucky image must be taken into account as it is a potent weapon) • Position (Having position is a tremendous weapon to hold) • Initiative (Important because the player with initiative is the ONLY player who can win without a hand) • Card advantage (Having strong premium hands or playing PP/SC only when highly profitable to do so) ...

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