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CPPT III - Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

$1,080 No-Limit Hold'em $150K Guarantee


Gilbert All In On The River

From early position Jerry Morrell raised to 500. Zak Gilbert made the call from middle position and together the two saw a flop of J86. Morrell bet 600 and Gilbert made the call, prompting the ...

Busto the Main

by Matt Matros |  Published: Sep 05, 2012


Having played the World Series of Poker main event nine times in the last nine years, I’m starting to think “Busto the Main” would make a good title for a biopic, or at least a band name. Am I crazy? Probably. But consider this: the WSOP main is the only tournament I’m always guaranteed to play, it constitutes my biggest buy-in, and it is by far, my biggest annual investment in terms of hours. Some years I spend almost a week longer in the Main than in any other event. Additionally, the Main is the recurring tournament that I’m least likely to win (because it has the biggest field). Put it all together, and you can see why it sometimes feels as though the story of my poker career is busting over and over from the WSOP main event. But busting comes with the tournament territory, and retelling my main ...

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