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Value Checking

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Apr 04, 2012


A lot has been written about the importance of value betting. A value bet is usually a moderately sized bet made on the end. It is designed to elicit a call from a worse hand. Weak players are often afraid that a river card that didn’t help them may have helped their opponent, and so they check too often the end. Good players are willing to take the slight risk of being raised, in order to gain extra value from their hands by betting. A typical example of a value bet would be the situation where you raise from middle position with A Q and get one caller. The flop is A 7 2. You bet again, and are called again. The turn is the 6. Once more you bet and get called. The river is 3. There is now the possibility of a backdoor flush, if your opponent has ...

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