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by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Feb 22, 2012


Here’s a little game you can use to sharpen your ability to catch players bluffing and to help make your play less predictable. When I was a tour guide in the Canadian Rockies, the drivers used to play a game called birding. We would bird for drinks or sandwiches. The concept of this game bears some similarity to Roshambo (paper-scissors-rock). Each participant had three coins. Each placed his hands behind his back and put zero, one, two, or three coins in one hand, closed his fingers about the coins, and brought the closed fist in front of him, where it remained till the end of the round. Players took turns guessing the total of all coins held. No player could guess a number already chosen. After all had guessed a number, players opened their hands, and the total was ascertained. Each round, the player who guessed the exact total retired ...

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