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CPPT II - Westside Poker Championship

$340 No-Limit Hold'em $100K Guarantee


Shuffle Up And Deal

Cards are now in the air at the Hollywood Park Casino here on day 1B of the 2014 Card Player Poker Tour $100,000 guaranteed $340 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event of the Westside Poker Championship. ...

Waiting Time

Some Boring Math and A Sucker Bet

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Feb 22, 2012


There are certain mathematical mistakes that poker players, and unfortunately poker writers, frequently make. These errors creep into some books and articles which contain a lot of conclusions based on mathematical models. And while most of these mistakes are not really crucial in themselves, they always make me worry than there may be flaws in some of the other mathematical conclusions they presented as gospel. It is common to read that typical waiting time for aces is 221 hands. In actual fact, this is the average wait time. The typical wait time is much less. One common error involves the wait time for something to happen. The average wait time is frequently confused with the median or mode wait time. Let’s begin with a non-poker example. When you drive over to pick up your girlfriend, you are usually right on time. Once, however, you had a flat and were 150 ...

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