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CPPT V - The Bicycle Casino

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Quantum CPPT ME $400K GTD



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Dan Harrington Vol. 20, No. 24 Card Player Magazine


by Justin Marchand

Inside Dan Harrington's penthouse condo, an ornate desk stacked with presentation binders occupies the focal point of a large living room. An antique chess table abuts the glass and chrome window wall, offering panoramic views of Santa Monica's posh Third Street promenade. The large ...

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    Mark Mendel Helps Antigua Stare Down U.S. By Bob Pajich Mark Mendel is the lead attorney who represents Antigua and Barbuda in a World Trade Organization dispute against the United States, a dispute in which WTO panels have repeatedly ruled that the ...continued

  • All Hail Singer

    by Ryan Lucchesi

    Caesars Palace opened in August of 1966, and since then it has become legendary on the Las Vegas Strip. Although new hotels have been built around it since that time, Caesars Palace has remained at the top. It also has become more involved in the ...continued

  • The Biology and Eros of No-Limit Hold'em Tournaments

    by James McManus

    The woman with five hearts knew what she had, knew what we lacked. She bet high and then higher; it was what any of us would have done. - Stephen Dunn The winner of every open World Series of Poker event in 2005 and 2006 was a man, as were all 18 ...continued

  • The Best Player You've Never Heard Of

    by Seth Niesen

    Scott Clements may be the best player you've never heard of. The unassuming Clements doesn't bring attitude, theatrics, or gimmicks to the poker table. This 25-year-old from Mount Vernon, Washington, brings only one thing - game, and lots of ...continued

  • Las Vegas by the Numbers

    by Jeff Shulman

    Card Player is lucky to call Las Vegas, the epicenter of the world's poker action, home. Over the last two years, the town has seen a resurgence in poker-room openings, and the more than 35 million people who visit each year have more tables and ...continued

  • My 'Dream Team' Win

    by Phil Hellmuth

    Recently I played on the hit TV show Poker After Dark, which is aired on NBC six nights a week at 2 a.m. We were filming for 2008, and I suspect (a little birdie told me) that this episode will be the first one televised in early January 2008. This ...continued

  • God Save the Queen

    by Todd Brunson

    "God Save the Queen," and all of her subjects who play poker. These guys are gonna need divine intervention if they hope to stay in money. OK, I know you're sick of reading that by now. This is the last time - at least I hope so. ...continued

  • Letting Them Bluff Off Some Chips

    by Roy Cooke

    Learning when to induce bets from an opponent and pay off or fold with marginal hands are distinguishing characteristics of good players. The equity of those bets won/lost/saved add up over the course of time, enough to make a significant difference ...continued

  • The Birth of Killer Poker

    by John Vorhaus

    What is Killer Poker? To answer this question, I have to go back in time to 1996, and travel across space to Highland, California. I was driving with a buddy to Lake Arrowhead and we decided to stop off at the San Manuel Casino for a little poker. ...continued

  • A Foolproof Strategy for Wild Games

    by Ed Miller

    Recently I was in a crazy $2-$5 no-limit hold'em game. I could tell it was a crazy game even before I watched one hand. The maximum buy-in was $500, but at least $8,000 was on the table. Four players each had more than $1,500. Either the game had ...continued

  • River Bluffs in Limit Hold'em

    by Matthew Hilger

    I have a rule on the river that I follow religiously, which I appropriately call "The River Rule": Never try to make a good laydown on the river in limit hold'em. Given this rule, it isn't easy to get opponents to fold on the river, ...continued

  • The Illusion of Action

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    A few years ago I was sitting at a $30-$60 hold'em table when someone came down from the mezzanine, where he was playing $80-$160 hold'em. He excitedly told his friend who was playing in my game that he had to get on the $80-$160 list, because ...continued

  • The Post Oak Value-Bet

    by Marc Karam

    One of your primary objectives as a poker player is to cause your opponents to make mistakes. You can do this by practicing the art of deception, and one of the primary tenets of that art is that you can use your opponents' knowledge and ...continued

  • Misplay Two Hands With Lee

    by Lee H. Jones

    "I knew right then I'd made my third mistake" In some of my columns, I have described hands that I believed were played well (or poorly) by friends of mine. In this column, I will lay open, for the world to see, the train wreck I made of ...continued

  • My New Poker Student - Part I

    by Bob Ciaffone

    I am working with a new poker student, one whose progress might be interesting to follow, because he and I will be putting in several hours of work together every week, giving me plenty of new material for my column. My student is a middle-aged male ...continued

  • What a Sick Hand!

    by Matt Lessinger

    The scene was an early-morning, fourhanded $15-$30 hold'em game that had been going on for a couple of hours. I folded from under the gun, and the button opened for a raise. The small blind (SB) folded, and the big blind (BB) three-bet. The button ...continued

  • Figuring Final Tables - Part II

    by Matt Matros

    In my last column, I gave an introduction on how to assess your value at the final table of any poker tournament. As long as you know the prize structure, the stack sizes of your opponents, and your own stack size, you've got all the information ...continued

  • Disagreeing With Daniel

    by Steve Zolotow

    Although I am in the midst of doing a series of columns on A-K, I want to interrupt the series for one issue to comment on Daniel Negreanu's column in the Vol. 20/No. 20 issue. First of all, I agree that the European Poker Tour is off to a great ...continued

  • Saving the Taxbirds

    by Max Shapiro

    I once wrote a column title "A Field Guide to Railbirds," which instantly became the definitive treatise on this vital subject. A complete picture of the genus North American Railbird, it described its habitat, foliage, colors, behavior, ...continued